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Elate Video Gyan is part of a social movement to liberate every man and woman from daily stress!

Welcome to Elate Video Gyan (EVG) – A like-minded team of enthusiastic philosophers who are popularly known as “Gyany”! The backbone of this site.

These are the people who are sharing life experiences or are currently moving in that direction of social change.

Our Vision, Mission, Values
To make this site more effective, meaningful and more helpful for everyone, our every task is set in place with the following vision, mission and values in order for us to be more & more focused in our goal of being in helpful service to you.

Vision: The vision of this site is to enlighten other people about the Health, Fitness, Weight loss, various money-making opportunities available online, latest info & entertainment facts and by doing so, be able to give them a chance to have a better happy healthy living.

Mission: This site aims to carry out its purpose with the mission of providing other people with reliable and relevant information about different ideas and strategies which will help them thoroughly understand the field above mentioned.

Values: This site intends to uphold the values of sharing any wisdom in order to help other people grow not just professionally but personally as well. By imparting wisdom to others, it is a great achievement for us to know that we have become a significant instrument to make the lives of others better.

Here is what you all find on Elate Video Gyan:
  • · 90% of practical life experiences, tips to create a happy life; live your passion; the other 10% is for knowledge (Gyan) to be stress-free and learn new things in every post/video.
  • · How to make money online, How to get fit organically without the gym, how to learn new things easily and psychological tips to a stress-free life, how to feel happy.
  • Health, Wellness, happy life, Weight loss, technology, Organic health, Make money online, Fitness without Gym, knowledge, Mindpower, Psychology, beauty tips, Infotainment, etc.,
  • · A community of like-minded people, technicians, philosophers, etc.,
We're putting our first step towards sharing our thoughts, we know it is not an easy way to walk, but we all have friends and like-minded contributors to join hands.

Elate Video Gyan will help you learn new technologies through, Connecting the digital traditions of the North, South, East, and West.

Elate means make (someone) ecstatically happy, Video - Visuals create a great impact on the brain and help us keep longlasting memory of what we see, Gyan means Knowledge so we kept the name "Elate Video Gyan:. We produce and distribute innovative digital infotainment content for all types of digital platforms.

You will also learn through videos how to make money, how to get fit, how to look beautiful, how it works, what's new in the market etc., by watching Elate Video Gyan

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