Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day

“If you have an eye to see, she is nothing less than an angel” and she is “Mother”

A mother is a best friend, first teacher, and ocean of emotions because she takes care of anything and everything that their kids needed. 

She is the sun, she is the moon, she is the star and she is the earth. Her thoughts are reflections of her kid’s future.

Therefore, a day of the year has been dedicated to giving thanks and respect to Mothers all over the world, which is celebrated every year as Mother's Day

Mother's Day celebration is on the 2nd Sunday of May month every year in India, USA, Canada, and most European countries, Philippines and South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan.

Mother is the only person in this entire world who never leaves their children alone. She takes care of their children from a small kid from birth till her last breath without any expectations.

A scientific study says that a kid without our mother's love and care becomes ruthless. It is an all-time fact that the mother is the architect of the good fortune of the child. She cares about them a lot, she laughs when they smile and she becomes very sad when we cry. 

We cannot count their contributions to our lives. We do not even follow their activities from morning to night. The mother plays a very crucial role in the lives of her kids in all the phases, from giving birth to a child to making him or her a good person. 

It is only the mother who shapes the kid's character and their whole life. All Moms’ in the world play an important role in the nurturing and development of their children. She takes care of everything that her kids need. From waking up in the morning to till they sleep at night

She has a lot of roles and responsibilities; she plays it continuously without intervals and wearying. She is the only person whose work is nonstop without any fixed time chart and salary.

We cannot repay anything to her in return for her contribution, although we can say a big thanks to her and also pay attention to her with respect. We should give love and respect to the mother.

The world of moms is like a very small nest, her children, her husband, and herself that’s it. She is happy to be there, even if she has a chance to go out of that world and explore. 

Every day is Mother's Day. There is nothing new alternate about Mom's affection and love. In this movement, I would like to recall a proverb "Nothing bonds more than the mother. No tastes better than the salt". This adage speaks to the importance of motherhood. 

When a girl becomes a mother, she feels that her desires will die out. When a baby is born, a girl gives birth to herself as a mother. The mother's unselfish sensation engulfs her intuition. 

She hides her selfishness and devotes her life to children. Feelings of selflessness spontaneously originate in her. As a teacher and close friend, she delves into the melodies of love and friendship in children.

There is a mythological story famous in India, in which, a son cuts her mother into pieces for some reason and while carrying it he slips and fell down. Immediately he heard a female voice; my son, are you alright please be careful. 

That’s his mother’s heart responding to him, then he realizes the selfless love of a mother. But by the time he realizes it was too late. Like the Mother Earth. Even if the children did nothing or did bad, there would be forgiveness in her endorsement.

In the world of children, she forgets herself. So much so that she becomes unselfish, praying to God that God will do me no favors, but do well for my children. 

mothers day, mother, world mothers day, respect mothers, love mothers, care mothers, mothers day quotes, mother is god

Her mood swings are just for her children. Only her heart and mind know what she loves. Her thinking and plans are focused on making children better citizens. Together, her world vanishes; her kids are just her world.

But as children grow older they live in their world, forget all the sacrifices of their parents. Today most of the mothers have good earning sons and daughters though they have to live in old age homes. That hurts them more than the pain of giving birth. Any human body can bear a maximum of up to 45 “DEL” (unit) of pain. Mothers feel the pain up to 57 DEL while giving birth to a child, which is equal to 20 plus bones getting fractured.

Sorry to say this many of the children do not come even to the funeral of them. 

Our humble request to all is that the parents who sacrificed everything to care, educate, nurture, our future, please never do such wrong things with them. Try to keep them happy as much as possible and for sure this will pay off when you are at their place and of their age.

There is no need for a separate day to celebrate Mother's Day. It's Mother's Day always. 

Surveys say that there are bad kids in the world but not a bad mother. 

This is the mother's greatness. Forgetting her dreams and sacrificing her happiness, she finds happiness in children. 

In this article on Mother's Day, especially today, we dedicate this saying to all mothers on earth it's by Unknown scholar
 “A mother holds her children's hand only for a while but holds her heart forever. She wishes for the well-being of children, all the time”.

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