Ways To Relax

Ways To Relax

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Hey! Are you looking for the right and simple ways to relax, you’re at the right place.

Ahhh! Relaxation is something we all crave at times. Do you prefer a day at the beach or in the mountains? If you can’t get away, use one or more of the following ways to relax. Also, try the progressive relaxation exercise presented.

Get an extra massage: When you relax with a massage, you abandoning of muscle tension, worry, and confusion. If you slow down and relax, you can more easily tune into your feelings and encourage your body and mind to let go of stress and tension and just Relax.

Practice focused relaxation: Sit comfortably or lie down with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Support your neck with a pillow if you favor it. Scan your body, noticing where you are feeling tension or discomfort. Breathe slowly into these areas. Imagine relaxation flooding into the areas of discomfort. Begin by practicing fifteen minutes once every day.

Meditate: You will probably have a better chance of sticking with a technique you learn in a class or other Meditating group, but in the meantime, try this technique: Silently repeat a word that has little emotional meaning for you, like "one." provides it your full attention.

When other thoughts or images inherit your mind, ignore them, and return your focus to the unspoken word. Don’t strain or try too hard. Simply let your mind keep returning to your chosen word again and again as thoughts undergo your mind.

Practice abdominal breathing: Inhale slowly through your nose. Exhale completely, squeezing the belly tight. Begin by practicing for 5 minutes at a time. Try it when you feel anxious or can’t sleep. Soak in a hot bath. Add several drops of essential oils like lavender for relaxation. Or just soak your feet. Add Epsom salts to a tub or basin of warm water and enjoy!

Try biofeedback: A professional biofeedback practitioner can assist you to develop self-regulation over the mental and physical processes that are related to stress-related disorders. Take a nap, albeit it’s just for ten minutes.

Take a warm shower: around your neck as soon as the water rushes, stretch it from side to side, and drop your neck forward. Then circle your shoulders slowly under the recent water.

Try autosuggestion: Frequently repeat a suggestion to yourself like "Shoulders free" or "Neck relaxed." Repeat the suggestion, but don’t strain or do anything in the least but say the phrase. This plants an idea that may gently support muscle relaxation. Take a yoga class. Many people find yoga increases relaxation and help with stress management and focus.

Progressive Relaxation Exercise: This progressive relaxation technique is easy and quick to learn. Try it when you feel anxious, are stressed, or can’t sleep. Doing this relaxation technique every day will give you the most benefit.

Lie comfortably with your arms and legs outstretched.

Clench one fist and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds.

Relax the fist for 10 to 15 seconds, then clench again, and relax.

Repeat with the other hand.

Draw the toes of one foot toward the knee. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Relax and repeat.

Do the same with the other foot.

Repeat the same sequence for the following body parts, first on one side of the body, then the other. You can also experiment with other muscle groups.

Back of the lower legs. The point, tense your toes and relax.

Buttocks. Squeeze together and relax.

Shoulder blades. Draw together and relax.

Abdomen. Pull in tightly and relax:

Neck. Push your neck down towards the floor and relax.

Face. Tighten and contract the muscles around your eyes and mouth, and relax.

After a week of practicing the above exercise, start combining muscle groups. For example, tense and relax the following parts together:

Hands and arms on both sides.

Face and neck.

Shoulders and back.

Legs and feet.

After another week, try to quit the tensing part of the exercise. Lie down and focus on different areas, relaxing areas that feel tight.

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Cheat Days Freedom plans (as told by Stephen, Fitness coach)

Is This You?

About two months ago, you started the standard bodybuilding/Fitness diet. At first, it had been a touch of a challenge but after the primary week, you had everything in check. Gone were the times of getting to snack on some chocolate, or have bread together with your salad.

Each night you ready your food for the subsequent day, and sort of a soldier, you knew exactly when and what to eat. You felt as if you had the whole diet maze all found out and would be lean for the remainder of your life.

Eight weeks into your ''diet'', even though your abs are beginning to show, your energy levels are a lot lower then they used to be. Plus, your mind is starting to think about ''food''. Not chicken, Pizza, Burgers, Ice creams, sweet potatoes, or green beans, but of dipping a chocolate bar into a bowl of ice-cream! You can hardly call that food, but these are real thoughts and that they aren’t a departure.

How can this be happening?! Feeling frustrated, you think to yourself, ''I’ll just buy a small piece of chocolate, not an entire bar, and that will satisfy my craving for something sweet.'' Within seconds the chocolate is gone, and you know you need more.

There is no talking yourself out of it this point, and within 15 minutes you've got eaten two chocolate bars and 500ml of cookie dough ice-cream. How can you justify this, and what can you do to prevent this from happening again? For the next couple of days, you are overwhelmed with guilt and have a hard time picking up where you left off.

The Solution!

Not all is lost, and your future is brighter then even if you follow this simple concept. The concept is having a "cheat day" a day in a week. To me, cheat days (or meals) are necessary to not only emotionally calm your cravings but to leap start your metabolism and supply extra energy. Eating foods that are higher in calories, or aren't normally in our food plan, will increase our metabolism since our bodies are forced to figure harder at burning the calories ingested. The key's to cheat only necessary, and this skill can take time to find out.

Many people even celebrities I do know have a cheat day every Sunday; however, I work better on cheating a couple of meals or snacks. Devoting a whole day (Sunday) to cheating doesn’t work on behalf of me emotionally since I do know I might want something naughty by Wednesday or Thursday.

Through trial and error, I do know my body and mind work best once I allow myself to possess a cheat meal once I truly need one. This may mean a small bowl of ice cream or some toast with peanut butter.

Whether you are reached your fitness goals or have 40 to 50 pounds to lose, having a cheat meal will keep your sanity and rev up your metabolism so that when you return to your clean eating you will burn calories faster, now that your metabolism is working harder.

Contest Time!

If you've got been dieting down for a contest, and training twice each day for 15 weeks, you would like to make certain everything you consume is what you would like, gram for gram. Having a cheat day a minimum of three or fourfold can help keep your sanity during your contest prep.

The final three to four weeks before your show are crucial to your chances of winning, and here is what I did during that point.

Competing to win means sacrifice, and once I was dieting for my bodybuilding contest, I didn’t cheat the last four weeks. These thoughts which I ran through my mind are what helped me maintain my focus:

- Do what your competitors are doing, but do it better.

- Eat how your competitors are, but eat leaner.

- Never miss a routine workout, and train like your opponents, but train very harder as well as smarter.

* most significantly, confine mind that some time will come once you are going to be off your contest diet. Now, while you are dieting and training is your time to shine and the stage is only minutes out of the 12 weeks.

Be Armed and Ready!

1. Set a cheat day once every week, or eat clean all week and let yourself relax a touch when dining out.

2. Lighten up. One splurge will not ruin your progress. In fact, a healthy diet can include all food carefully.

3. Get moving. Do an additional 15 minutes of cardiac tomorrow morning or add a few extra sets to your weight training routine.

4. Think long term. You will be eating for several years to return, so follow your clean eating plan and obtain back on target, albeit you'll be tempted to skip dinner to make up for your indulgence.

5. Learn from your experience. Why did you cheat? Did you not have your food prepared? Were you bored? Over hungry? Depressed or anxious? Find out what made those sweets so tempting and be armed and prepared for next time!

Disclaimer: The information in this article reflects the author's knowledge/experiences & is not intended to replace medical or psychological advice, nor is it the intent of the author to diagnose or prescribe. The intent is only to offer information to help the reader cooperate with their physician in the mutual quest for desirable health.

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