COVID-19 Lockdown effect on an environment

COVID-19 Lockdown effect on an environment

COVID-19 pandemic has slowed the world and that on the surface seems to be a good thing for that other deadly global crisis climate change china is the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions but the lockdowns have shut machinery, factories, public transport and kept billions of vehicles off roads have corresponded with the staggering drop in emissions & air pollution levels there with nitrogen dioxide levels falling by up to 40%, scientists are seeing similar trends in Italy, Iran and pollution levels in major American cities, Indian cities are down too.

It's Nature now moving back into spaces left empty by the deadly COVID-19 lockdown which began with gradual emptying of public spaces empty, Malls empty, streets empty, tourist spots empty, roads empty, Masjid, Mandir, Gurudwara, Church all are empty. Now slowly nature is taking over the earth.

In many cities the murky canals are getting cleaner with fish visible in the waters below, efforts to limit the COVID-19 meant an absence of boat traffic on the many seaside cities’ famous waterways and the changes happen quickly, meanwhile peacocks, Deer’s roam the streets of lockdown while pigeons have occupied monuments. Beaches haven’t been this clean in decades.

Countries that have been under nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of the COVID-19 with social distancing have experienced an unintended benefit of a drastic dip in high pollution; satellite images and air quality index reveal a marked fall in global nitrogen dioxide levels globally. an effect of a lockdown for mankind that we all are witnessing lesser and very lesser people now going out in their vehicles and we all are going into curfew mode will we see shrink further in the next week to come well possibly it should because ultimately “if you stay in, you stay alive” as coronavirus pandemic extracts a huge toll on humanity it's teaching us, humans, in short term the toughest lessons in need for us.

In human history, greenhouse gas concentrations are at the highest level in 3+ million years but countries have been slow to act in the face of global warming & global pollution.

Worldwide now implemented drastic measures to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis is somehow much more abstract & dangerous than the virus, coronavirus affect present generation in short term but climate crisis will affect on present and future both on the long term and that's why we can't say how many people will die because of climate change but by the virus you can calculate.

If humanity dies off from the COVID-19 pandemic, what does the climate matter? I hope that we will have a vaccination against the COVID-19 pandemic in several months or a year but the climate crisis is the most important task of the millennium. The corona effect on humans is probably just temporary but each & every country and each & every human on this earth should think of the climate crisis and contribute their part to heal Nature.
We might imagine it is compulsory by govt. or voluntarily by us/humans a 100% lockdown of 5 to 10 days per annum, by using fewer fossil fuels, by depending on more and more renewable energy, by machines free life a day in a month, these small changes can give some space for Nature earth to heal and that can be a huge asset we can give it our future generations with clear air, blue skies, less polluted earth. I can bet you, this will be worth more than the billions of bank balances & assets you leave for them, definitely, they will thank you for it. “if we start it today they will be happy tomorrow” or else they may have to spend their entire life in hospitals so think of it as you have time now.

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